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Apply today to rent private locked office space as part of the Incubation Program. This program averages 2-3 years and is intended to help you grow your business. Click here to learn more about the Incubation Program.


Three private locked offices and an office suite are available for lease. Private offices include a desk, chair, locked filing cabinet, bookshelf, Wi-Fi, use of the Kitchenette, access to the conference room for private meetings, networking, business mentoring/coaching and additional services including seminars and workshops!


The second floor is also available to lease for one or two larger organizations. This space is 6,300 square feet.



Rates details:

3-office Suite $1,800 per month

Single Office $650 per month

Second Floor $12.50 per sq ft/yr

24 hour access

Fiber Optic Wi-Fi Included

Office Suite Available